All tobacco used for our extracts are processed in either lab or food grade supplies. This includes chemistry lab glassware & 304 grade stainless steel pots. We use only organic or natural tobaccos for our extracts. These include but are not limited to American Spirit Tobacco, Organic Vanilla Cavendish tobacco, Organic Rum pipe tobacco, and Organic House blend cigarette tobaccos. All house blends are a blend of Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos. Each tobacco flavor uses a different tobacco extract with the exception of the OVP and Twice Vanilla both use Organic Vanilla Cavendish, and the Maple Spirit and Menthol Tobaccos both use American Spirit Tobacco.

Although we cannot fully disclose our entire extract process step by step, as this was our own research and development, we can tell you a bit about it. We use a brew and filter process. Brew and filter requires a medium to remove the flavor from the tobacco. We do only use food grade and consumable alcohol aid the extraction process of our flavors. The use of alcohol in eliquid and their flavorings is quite common and it allows us to complete this process in shorter timeframe yielding a robust and smooth flavor. In our research and development of natural tobacco extracts, removing particles of tobacco and still ending up with a quality extract were troublesome. We developed our filtration methods and are able to remove over 99% of all tobacco particles in the process. Good tobacco flavor comes from real tobacco. In using Organic tobaccos we are able to produce tobacco extracts that are additive free. Below is a list of our tobacco flavors with the leaf or brand used in production.

Caramel Tobacco:

Organic Rum Pipe Tobacco
Sweet caramel you can almost chew infused with our in house organic tobacco extract base. 

Twice Vanilla Tobacco:

Organic Vanilla Cavendish
Creamy Vanilla mixed with organic tobacco extract. A great flavor of smoked vanilla. Just like the marshmallows over the campfire. 

Organic Vanilla Pipe:

Organic Vanilla Cavendish
Organic Vanilla Pipe- The name says it all! Organic vanilla pipe tobacco at its best. 

Maple Spirit Tobacco:

American Spirit Cigarette Tobacco
Maple Spirit Tobacco- Pancake house quality maple syrup with an unmatched organic tobacco extract. 

Menthol Tobacco:

American Spirit Cigarette Tobacco
Your favorite menthol analog without any of the harmful analog by products.Mimics the flavor of your favorite menthol lights. 

BOMB Blue Organic Mild Base Tobacco:

Kentucky and Virginia House Blend Tobaccos
BOMB Tobacco is a mild organic tobacco with a hint of Agave. Smooth mild tobacco taste to remind you of a mild cigarette only better. 

Honey Tobacco:

Kentucky and Virginia House Blend Tobaccos
Honey Tobacco is a mild organic Kentucky and Virginia House Blend Tobacco Extract infused with artificial honey. This is a refreshing twist on our popular BOMB tobacco. 












We are constantly working to broaden our tobacco lines. We spent our first years vaping, (in our opinion), subpar eliquids that are made from flavorings that had a perfume or candle taste. At CravinVapes, we are going right to the root and making extracts from honest true tobacco. This gives us a flavor that is smooth, rich, and pleasing to the senses and most importantly a satisfying alternative to smoking.